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What Design Element or Principle
do you think is the most dominant
in Oliveira’s art?
(Value, Line, Shape,
Texture, Repetition, Value)

Why do you think these sculptures are unique or different from sculptures you commonly see?

David Oliveira_ portuguese sculptor _ escultor portugues (13)david-oliveira-0david-oliveira-3-600x885


Take a Two Sticky Notes and stick them to your desk next to your artwork.
On the top of one, label it Successes: and on the top on the other, label it Suggestions.


Label your next journal entry 8-26. Sticky the notes onto the page.
Reflect on your artwork:
What do you think are your successes?
Are you going to take any of your classmate’s suggestions? Why or why not? 




This semester we are going to explore not only the who (artists) and how (media and technique) of art, but also the what and why of art. Please take out a sheet of paper (or grab one from the back counter) and answer the following questions the best you can: (There is no “correct” or “incorrect” answer, tell me what you think)

1. What is art?

2. What is not art?

3. What is the purpose of art?

4. Who decides what art is?

marcelduchamp_fountain Pollock; Autumn Rhythm, detail sunflower01 93831-instagram2-presets-for-lightroom-samples-tree-original-1358439909