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The food references are on the back counter. Students will each need three studies. Each painting should have a highlight, shadow (shade), wash, and use some of the techniques we’ve learned (wet-on-wet, splatter, dry brush, salt, sponge, rubbing alcohol)

If you are finished, they may create another food study (they can look up images on their chromebook), free draw, or start brainstorming for their illustrated recipe project we will start Monday.

They will need 5 minutes to clean up- please remind them to clean out paint sets and make sure the counter is clean. Students should stay in seats until the bell rings.



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Examples from the 17th Century Miniature Paintings (Many on copper):


1. Why do you think this artist chose to paint on pennies instead of traditional canvas?

2. What do you think this her artwork is about? Is there a message?

3. Do you think seeing the penny details underneath is distracting or interesting?