Exploring Visual Arts Syllabus

Ms. Gaster                                                                                           Email: Brittany.Gaster@k12.sd.us

Grade Level: 9-12                                                                              Type of Credit Earned: Fine Arts

Course Description

The visual arts are an integral part of the human experience and have roots in every cultural and historical period throughout the world. Art is a visual language and students will learn and strengthen their “visual” vocabulary through the study and application of the elements and principals of design (line, shape, texture, form, space, value, repetition), art history (famous artists and art movements), art criticism (view, reflect, and evaluate art), and an exploration of media, subjects, and techniques (graphite, collage, paint, charcoal, color-mixing, watercolor, etc.)


Class projects are evaluated with the use of rubrics. Rubrics are scored on the extent to which the following criteria are executed in the final project.

A. Knowledge and Understanding                       (10 possible points)
B. Design/Composition                                       (10 possible points)
C. Technique/Craftmanship                                   (10 possible points)
D. Creativity/Experimentation                               (10 possible points)
E. Time Usage/Participation                                 (10 possible points)

Scores are calculated into percentages which carry the following grades: A = 93-100% B = 85-92% C = 76-84% D = 65-75% F = 00-64%. All projects are averaged together to produce the final grade. Success in this class is dependent of participation and motivation.


No. 2 Pencil, Eraser, Tissue box for classroom (optional)

Studio Rules

Respect: teacher, fellow students, yourself, and school property. Chromebooks are encouraged for research and image reference – not to be used for games or browsing during class time. Treat everything as an experiment. Stay focused on class work. Listening devices are permitted only at instructor’s discretion.

Keep food and drink off drawing tables. Leave the drawing studio in better condition than you found it.

Extra Credit Opportunities

Extra credit may be earned by attending any art related function outside of normal school/art class activities such as gallery walks, artist openings/receptions, etc. I will notify the class of upcoming events. Proof of attendance will be required and the credit earned will be dependent on specific event.


Sit in your assigned seat.

The first person from each table group to enter the room picks up the portfolios.

Keep working until Ms. Gaster instructs the class to begin clean up (2 to 3 minutes before the bell).

One person from your table group will return portfolios to the storage cabinet while others clean and return materials.  *If portfolios or materials are not returned to their designated storage place the responsible students will lose an effort/participation point(s) on the current graded project.

Once portfolios and materials are put away, everyone must remain seated until the bell.


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