Apply your knowledge about color-mixing, shades, washes, and techniques (spaller, dry-brush, wet-on-wet, sponge, salt, and rubbing alcohol.


Friday will be our last in-class work day on our
Identity Grid projects. They will be due next Friday,
February 12th. On the back of your artwork write:

  • Explain at least 4 of the images you chose to symbolize yourself.
  • What are the three most interesting viewpoints you created?
  • If you chose to color one area – why did you choose that particular section to color?

If you have handed in your Identity grid, you may work
in your sketchbooks on either:
Look up the song lyrics to your favorite song and illustrate.
List and Illustrate your past halloween costumes.
List and Illustrate your bucket list:
List and illustrate your pet peeves.



This semester we are going to explore not only the who (artists) and how (media and technique) of art, but also the what and why of art. Please take out your sketchbooks and answer the following questions the best you can: (There is no “correct” or “incorrect” answer, tell me what you think)

1. What is art?

2. What is not art?

3. What is the purpose of art?

4. Who decides what art is?



Found Pebble: capture




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