2-Point Perspective City Street 2-Point Perspective

Students will create the illusion of space utilizing 2-point perspective in a drawing of a city street.

Brainstorm Spend about five minutes making a list of the following:

What does a city/town need to be able to function? Be successful? Enjoyable?
What features or businesses would be in your ideal city/town?

examples: Coffee shop, Library, Police Station, Zoo, Place of Worship, Grocery Store, Gym, Shopping, Art Museum

You Will Need
At least 10 buildings drawn in 2-point perspective.
At least 15 details: this could include traffic lights, plants, people, brick, windows, street signs, business signs, etc.

Pencil, Eraser, Ruler

Tips and Tricks

Draw Lightly! There will be many lines you will erase. The lines you want to keep you can go over darker with a ruler.

Knowledge/Understanding: Lines recede back to correct vanishing points.
Use of Time/Effort
Linear Perspective: Are your buildings in the background lighter than your buildings in the front?

Elements of Art
Space, Form

Vanishing Point
Horizon Line
Linear Perspective

State Visual Arts Standards: 2.1 Analyze the various media and processes used in creating a variety of art forms.


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