Identity Grid Drawing

1. Students will create nine 4×4 inch squares on a 12×12 inch paper.

In each section students will create an image that represents a “piece” of their identity. Examples could include your:

Interests (for example: images that your drawn to, something that serves as a symbol for you)


Your beliefs

A certain memory/experience




Your “spirit” animal/your patronous (for HP fans)

Zodiac Sign



Favorite feeling (Toes in the sand, warm cup of tea on a cold day, sitting by a campfire, etc.)

Favorite possessions

Media: Graphite
Assessment: You will be graded on your use of time, research (brainstorming, sketching, and gathering reference images), composition (show me a unique viewpoint), use of the following elements and principles. This project is worth 50 possible points.

The following are the elements and principles to focus on in this project:

Elements: Line, Shape, Value, Texture

Principles: Rhythm (repeat!), Variety (size differences), Contrast (light and dark)


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